New insights with Rider preference

“Sit straight”

“Keep your hands forward”

“Keep your elbows next to you”

“Keep your legs quiet”


How many of these kind of instructions haven’t we all heard or said over and over again over the years?

Ever wondered why it is so hard for you or your student to do so, or why some remarks work so much better with one person than another?


New insights, developed from the topsports trainer course “Training with Action Types”, a masterclass for top sports coaches from all kinds of disciplines (athletics, swimming, speedskating, soccer, volleyball, etc etc ), have resulted in the new “Rider Preferences” training method.


With very simple but extremely effective tests, it’s possible to figure out each riders’ personal preferences and apply that knowledge to your advantage.

If you look at top riders it’s already clear they can be very different in riding style but very effective in their own way.

They all have their specific posture, movement and technique.

Naturally there is a posture and movement that suits you and musclegroups you use more easily than others.


If you know what your style is, it gives you a shortcut to stability and a way to achieve a big change with small corrections.

Training within your own specific style is preventing injuries and will get you more in touch with your rider feeling.


Jenny is a certified Rider Preferences Instructor and uses these insights in her lessons.

A Rider Preference lesson can be done at any clinic, it consists of an assessment of your personal preferences on the ground for about ten to fifteen minutes, after which you will ride for half an hour with your horse to learn how to apply this knowledge in practice.


It is also possible for Jenny to do a PowerPoint presentation for a group to explain more about it.