Action type training

We believe in a personalized approach that recognizes the unique needs of each individual, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all mentality.


By tailoring our methods to the specific requirements of our students and ourselves, we strive to achieve optimal results.


Discover your own unique Action Type and deep motivational drivers or those of your students.

Uncover your distinct motricity and thinking preferences with scientific research-backed evidence.


Studies by Hug et al. and Volodalen et al. have increasingly confirmed that each individual possesses their own exclusive movement patterns.

Personal preferences

Through simple physical tests, rather than questionnaires, we can identify your personal preferences.

These tests have been developed by ActionTypes® founders Bertrand Theraulaz (Switzerland) and Ralph Hippolyte (France), both esteemed coaches and former teachers in their respective fields.


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Deep Motivational Drivers

Deep Motivational Drivers are the underlying forces that shape our actions and behaviors.

They are the core desires and needs that drive us to pursue certain goals and make specific choices in life.

Understanding these drivers can provide valuable insights into our own actions and help us navigate our paths towards success and fulfillment.

The Deep Motivational Driver’s (DMD’s) influence your Action Type personality so it’s beneficial to know what they are as well. They are tested in a similar way with bodytests.


Delve deeper into this approach and gain insights into the connection between cognition, emotion, and motor preferences, and what the influence of stress is.


Respect, dedication, and integrity are core values of the Action Type Academy.


Action Type testing is available as a one on one lesson of 45 minutes without a horse.


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Jenny has made a beautiful movie about Action Type training.

It is possible to show this movie in a group setting with a possibility for questions and answers afterwards.