IBOP training

Jenny Veenstra is a renowned expert in the field of Ibop training.

With her extensive experience and expertise, she has not only achieved impressive scores with her own horses but has also guided numerous riders to exceptional results through her Ibop training programs.


Jenny's deep understanding of the intricacies of Ibop training as a former KFPS Judge sets her apart in the equestrian community.

She possesses a unique ability to assess and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both horse and rider, enabling her to tailor her training methods to maximize their potential.


Through her meticulous approach, Jenny has consistently produced remarkable outcomes.

Her dedication to detail and commitment to excellence have resulted in numerous success stories, with riders achieving outstanding scores and reaching new heights in their equestrian careers.


Some of the previous results:

  • Anky BV model sport AAA 82
  • Renskje BV ster sport AA 79
  • Marchel BV ster sport AA 80
  • Australia Isabeau KP AA 77
  • Ypeus fan e Vesta Hoeve AA 78.5
  • Pavarni of All Black Friesians AA 81
  • Gabrielle of Sikshekawa AA 79
  • So Special KP AA 81


IBOP test Renskje BV

IBOP test Marchel BV

IBOP test So Special KP