Natural horsemanship

In our natural horsemanship lessons, you will learn the art of understanding and working with horses in a way that aligns with their natural instincts and behaviors.


We believe in building a foundation of mutual trust and respect, which forms the basis for all successful interactions with your horse.


You will learn how to establish boundaries, set clear expectations, and develop a language of cues that allows you to communicate with your horse in a gentle and effective manner.


Through our natural horsemanship lessons, you will also gain a deeper understanding of horse psychology and behavior.


This knowledge will enable you to better interpret your horse's body language, emotions, and needs, allowing for a more empathetic and responsive approach to training and handling.


In addition to the practical aspects of natural horsemanship, our lessons also emphasize the importance of building a strong bond and connection with your horse.


We believe that a true partnership is built on mutual trust, and we strive to instill this philosophy in all our students.


Jenny applies the principles of Featherlight Horsemanship and Tristan Tucker and helps people with issues like:

  • loading,
  • walking in hand,
  • starting young horses,
  • correcting stallions etc.