Lunging is a fundamental skill in horsemanship that provides numerous benefits for both horse and rider.

Our lunging lessons are designed to help you develop a strong foundation in this essential technique, allowing you to effectively communicate with your horse and improve their overall fitness and training.


In our lunging lessons, you will learn the proper techniques and equipment needed to safely and effectively lunge your horse.

Lunging offers a variety of benefits for both horse and rider.


For the horse

For the horse, lunging helps to improve balance, suppleness, and muscle tone.

It allows them to work in a controlled environment, promoting proper movement and engagement of their body.

Lunging also provides an opportunity for the horse to release excess energy and focus their attention, making them more attentive and responsive under saddle.


For the rider

For the rider, lunging lessons offer a chance to develop their skills in groundwork and communication with the horse.

You will learn how to effectively use your body language, voice commands, and lunge equipment to guide and direct your horse.

This will enhance your overall communication and partnership with your equine companion, both on the ground and under saddle.


Suitable for riders of all levels

Our lunging lessons are suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners who are new to lunging to experienced riders looking to refine their technique.

In addition to the practical aspects of lunging, our lessons also emphasize the importance of safety and proper horse care.

You will learn how to correctly fit and use lunging equipment, as well as how to assess your horse's physical and mental well-being during the lunging process.


Whether you are interested in improving your horse's fitness, preparing for competition, or simply enhancing your horsemanship skills, our lunging lessons will provide you with the knowledge and tools to achieve your goals.