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Your esteemed partner in dressage on a global scale, Jenny Veenstra, an accomplished Grand Prix dressage rider and instructor, stands as a beacon of excellence in the equestrian world.


Hailing from the Netherlands and currently residing in Belgium, Jenny's expertise transcends borders as she conducts enlightening clinics across continents, spanning from America to South Africa and Australia.


With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, Jenny Veenstra has established herself as a consummate professional in the realm of horse riding and training.


Her extensive repertoire of knowledge, coupled with her mastery of the most effective techniques, ensures that she can unlock the full potential of your equine companion, enabling them to shine at their very best.

Jenny Veenstra with Marchel BV

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Jenny Veenstra Dressage offers a wide range of training for all types of horses in all disciplines.

Whether it’s starting a young horse, riding Grand Prix Dressage, doing jumping, eventing or driving, the quality of your basic training determines the outcome.


Do you want to pursue your passion and further develop yourself and your horse?

Jenny believes in the potential of every individual.

She strives to create an environment where people and horses can grow, learn, and excel.

Are you willing to push your boundaries and bring out the best in yourself and your horse?

Seize this opportunity to challenge yourself, grow, and pursue your passion.



Our services include dressage training

to driving and in hand work.

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About Jenny


Dutch born, Belgium based, Jenny Veenstra has been a professional rider and trainer for over thirty years, working at several dressage stables and training horses for elite riders.


By combining knowledge and experience with love and craftsmanship, Jenny Veenstra Dressage provides the best dressage training for your horse.


Our services include dressage training to driving and in-hand work.


We are ready to help you get the best out of your horse!


Who is Jenny Veenstra

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