In hand work

Working with a horse on the ground is an essential aspect of horsemanship.

It allows us to establish a strong foundation and build a trusting relationship with our equine partner.


Through various lessons in hand work, we can teach our horses important skills, improve their responsiveness, and enhance their overall behavior.

One of the key lessons in hand work is teaching a horse to lead properly.

This involves teaching them to walk beside us, matching our pace and staying attentive to our cues.


Training with Rafaël Soto

By using a combination of voice commands, body language, and gentle pressure, we can guide the horse to follow us willingly and respectfully.

This lesson not only ensures safety while leading, but also establishes a clear hierarchy where the horse recognizes our leadership.

By focusing on building a solid foundation through groundwork, we can also set the horse up for success in higher level work like the piaffe.

Through proper engagement, collection, responsiveness, and balance, the horse will be better prepared to perform advanced movements with grace and precision.


Overall, lessons in hand work with a horse are invaluable for building a solid foundation and establishing a respectful partnership. Through teaching them to lead, yield to pressure, desensitize,stand quietly and engage we can enhance their responsiveness, trust, and overall behavior.

These lessons not only benefit our interactions on the ground but also lay the groundwork for successful riding and training in the future.