ESDR; EMDR therapy for horses

The abbreviation ESDR® stands for Equine Stress Desensitization and Reprocessing.

This form of therapy is derived from the very successful trauma processing therapy EMDR, which has been used in people for over 25 years. The translation to horses is inspired by the idea that much problem behavior in horses arises from fears, trauma and stress.


Our ESDR® therapy can provide a solution for these underlying causes of unwanted behavior.

We have specially developed an ESDR® harness that uses alternating vibrations on the left and right at the level of the shoulder to stimulate both hemispheres of the horse's brain when tension builds up.


This gives the brain a lot of information to process during the moment of tension and the negative charge begins to fade.

You see the horse release the tension, the horse starts to concentrate better and starts to relax.


Examples of problems for which ESDR® therapy can be a solution:

  • Trailer (loading) problems
  • Girth aversion
  • Fear of oncoming horses
  • Fear of obstacles/obstacle bars
  • Overall high basic tension and/or high muscle tension
  • Problems getting on/off the horse
  • Fear of veterinary actions
  • Fear of narrow passages
  • Fear of sounds such as applause
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Building tension during exercises
  • Building tension in other areas


Jenny is a licensed ESDR trainer and coach.