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Gen McNeill

South Africa


“I have been training with Jenny for over 10 years. 

She has taken me from a rider having not competed above Medium level to Grand Prix, and not on a fancy horse! 

My horse of a life time was just 15.1hh when I purchased him, for very little, as an unbacked rising 3 year old. 

My ambition with him was to one day get to Prix St George, and Jenny not only got us there, but to Grand Prix! 

What a fantastic journey we had, and we had fun the entire way.  Once I had understood the basics of Jenny’s training, we then went from strength to strength. 

When I retired this horse, Jenny helped me choose my two next unicorns from Spain. 

My older one now at 11 years old, we purchased him as a 3 year old, is nearly ready for Grand Prix, he will be starting to compete in Medium Tour next year, with my younger PRE hot on his heels. 


My horses are so happy with Jenny’s training methods, they love their time in the school.  Jenny has such a talent to teach any person, and any horse.  She adapts for each horse and rider that she teaches and you always come away from each lesson with a little more knowledge and understanding.”



Suzzy Stafford



“Action Type training focuses on the mental aspect of how your mind and body process certain pressures during training and competition and how they influence your reactions to them.

    Your 'type' calculated by the training test helps bring awareness to your natural tendencies and which mind space you are drawn to in specific environments.


As a trainer and coach this information was very helpful for me to learn more about my clients’ individual learning process and reactions to certain stimuli.

Therefore I am able to more easily speak "their" language and get the most out of them during a training session.

Long term it will help me bring out the best in each and every one of my clients."



Gary Lung



“I first met Jenny back in 2019 when she travelled to Australia to help prepare us (Wester Fan’t Lakerveld and myself) for the Australian National Keuring. 


From the start, she was able to identify the areas we needed to work on and gave us a number of exercises to help improve our goals. Her attention to detail is second to none and along with her professional approach, her communication skills and ability to explain the techniques required was amazing.


I’m eternally grateful to the help she gave us because we gained the highest IBop score in Australia of 84. I cannot highly recommend Jenny enough."



Gwendolyn Verdonck



“I just love Jenny as a coach and instructor.

She has a very sharp eye and nothing gets unnoticed.

She has an extensive technical and bio mechanical knowledge, combined with an unique way of explaining everything until you fully grasp it.

I love that she never stops learning and continues to educate herself in new techniques to incorporate in the trainings.

I have been training with her for years and I am looking forward for more years to come.

Thank you Jenny for your never ending support and guidance of me and Kasimir up through the levels.

From green and not so easy youngster up to small tour level, and helping me building that foundation for hopefully one day the Grand Prix."



Lynda Weese Fry



“Action Type Assessments for myself and my students has opened a new door for me in my riding and especially in my teaching!

Learning about Rider Preferences has opened my eyes to not all riders are the same. I have been taught things for years that go against my rider preference ie:lean back.

It is also helping me teach my students in light of their rider preferences and not mine! This is a whole new world for me  in helping students achieve success in the saddle!


Then there is the motivational drivers we have and again learning what they are for my students. Unfortunately most don't have what I have so unless I can tap into theirs I cannot be effective as a teacher.

I feel I am just scratching the surface with Action Type Assessments and how powerful this is for a instructor but am excited to continue to learn more from Jenny.

I believe this is the difference between a good instructor and a great instructor."



Jodi Piccolo Van Sprang



“Jenny is a talented and versatile instructor with a genuine love of horses.

Her deep seated knowledge of classical dressage is beautifully offset by her continuing pursuit of education about modern technology and current best practices. 

Whether you are competing or simply looking to educate yourself towards a better relationship with your horse and riding, Jenny can be counted on to propel you forward towards your goal.


I always enjoy my time with Jenny and feel like I take away something special from every interaction with her."



Tashlin Jeffries



“Jenny has been an integral part of the stud’s success over the years assisting with Dressage and IBOP training.


The horse’s have risen to achieve accolades that would not have been possible without Jenny’s guidance and ongoing support."



Calet de Vos

South Africa


"Jenny has been teaching me for the last 10 years on various types of horses including Warmbloods, Appaloosa’s , friesians , thoroughbreds and our local South African bred ‘the boerperd’

These are all ‘normal’ horses but Jenny has such incredible knowledge & understanding of each breed’s different conformation and gaits.

She always makes sure that the body & paces of each horse must be developed through correct training that creates strength and good body development that makes these different breeds just bloom and grow more beautiful in their paces.

Thanks to Jenny I have won numerous SA titles on these steeds and looking forward to many more on my upcoming SA Boerperd young horse."



Valerie Deweer



I have been riding horses for years and have received lessons from many people, but I really have 'the click' with only a few teachers.

With Jenny there is!

With her I only need half a word to understand what my feelings are telling me, but where I sometimes miss a link.

Jenny is that link.

I always go home after a lesson with that aha feeling, this is exactly what I and my horse needed! And I see Jenny doing that with many riders, both at basic and higher levels.


She always knows how to find your pain point and use understandable words to help you and your horse on your way.

I'm already looking forward to my next lesson with her!



Bev Underkoffler



I have literally had the best rides of my life with Jenny.

She has an amazing eye and can correct me in such a way that brings the very best out of my horse.


I will never turn down a chance to ride with her.

I wish she was local to me



Melissa L Austin



“Jenny has helped me with my challenging mare immensely.

Her approach is multifaceted and provides you with the tools you need to work in partnership with your horse.

I'm also able to apply her training methods to other horses with great success.

I feel very fortunate to have gained a better understanding of my personal body mechanics and tendencies as I apply training and riding for both of my mares.

I always walk away with more knowledge, confidence and satisfaction after attending clinics with Jenny."



Lisé Lavine



As a western dressage rider, prior to my lesson with Jenny, out of respect I reached out and asked if she would prefer that I come to ride in English tack.

She said absolutely not, to come what I was comfortable in.

Jenny treated my little quarter horse and me like we were equally as important as the impressive Hanoverian and Warmbloods with their amazing riders.

It was an awesome experience!



Kathy Casey Case



I heard how good Jenny was and when I finally had the opportunity to ride with her, I couldn’t wait.

I rode my young horse first, who was barely cantering, by the end of the lesson she was!!

Then I took my older horse into a lesson and by the end of the lesson the old girl was a totally different horse.

I still hear Jenny say “make her round like a ball, not a board” when I ride her.

The action plan lesson was eye-opening too and I encourage everyone to do it!!



Juené Ferreira

South Africa


I love how flexible you are in your training methods how you can come down to my level at prelim, and the next rider up to grand prix.


Your talent for adapting to your client is what makes you so invaluable to the clients



Belinda Weyer

South Africa


I have often had a lesson where you just changed one ‘small’ thing.

But that ‘small thing’ turned out to be the main reason everything else hadn’t fallen into place.

If I concentrate on just that thing - my whole way of going improves.



Tonda Lewis



“Every lesson I've experienced with Jenny has been eye opening to a core issue I wasn't aware of, leading to fixing a problem I'd been fighting.  I'm always amazed how quickly she can see what you and your horse are dealing with.”



Delice Murphy



“When I rode in a clinic with Jenny in 2020, what stuck with me was your advice about sitting trot.

You said you really do have to 'stiffen' yourself to a certain degree despite being told to relax.

Relaxing makes you flop around.

Also, you taught me much better give and take with the outside rein.

Overall, best lesson ever!”



Sam Palma



Like someone else whose name starts with J.E., Jenny turns water into wine when it comes to coaching!

I’ve had the best rides under her instruction.

It’s amazing how she took me from uncoordinated, discombobulated, making my schoolmaster nervous to focused and framing in under 45 minutes!

It’s extra neat to do the action type training before a ridden lesson because she tweaks her style and customizes tips based on your action type.



Maureen Kenyon



“Struggling with getting the left lead canter, thinking I’m doing all the right aides, Jenny notices something and suggested activate the inside hind

( hmmm, I was always taught it’s the outside leg!).


Low and behold it worked and works every time."


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